Positive Youth Development

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The Jacaranda Center is committed to positive youth development and authentic youth empowerment. A myriad of youth programs, trainings and events are intentionally designed to develop:

Competent and
Connected youth with good
Character and the tools to
Contribute to a better society.

Boy’s Huddles and Sister Circles

In addition to 1-on-1 mentoring, The Jacaranda Center offers group mentoring programs for youth called Boys’ Huddles and Sister Circles. The groups are a place of refuge where youth can build strong lasting friendships while getting the guidance and building the skills they need to achieve their academic, life and personal goals.

For more information on volunteering as a mentor or participating in a mentoring group click HERE.


Summer Programs

The Jacaranda Center offers summer programs that empower youth and inspire them to explore STEM fields that they might not automatically choose.

ME @ MY BEST! Summer huddle

The ME @ MY BEST! Summer huddle prepares middle school student to successfully transition into their next grade.  It is designed to develop confident, self-aware young women with sharpened academic and life skills.

RISE Leadership Camp for Girls

The RISE Leadership Camp for Girls is designed to develop purposeful young women with the confidence and skills to effectively lead in their schools, churches and community.

Up, Up and Away Robotics camp

The goal of the Up, Up and Away Robotics Camp is to use a space exploration theme and critical mentoring relationships to increase minority student participation in STEM fields.  Underrepresented middle school and high school students learned how to design, build and program their robots while putting them through a series of real-world design challenges.

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