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Marriage is a loving, covenant relationship that two people intentionally enter into for a lifetime.  It is a powerful and sacred relationship that forms the foundation of healthy, thriving families.

Like all relationships, marriages are built not acquired.  Marriage travels through specific stages and seasons and require diligent attention, time and nurture.  Through marriage retreats, support groups, workshops and events, the Jacaranda Center is committed to helping couples develop strong, healthy relationships that last a lifetime.


Marriage Encounters

Counselors are available to provide pre-marital counseling, marriage enrichment and support for struggling and divorced couples. Support is also available for challenging and abusive relationships.

For more information about our thriving marriages programs and services, please contact us HERE and sign up for our newsletter.

Weekend to Remeber Couples Retreat

The Jacaranda Center for Family and Youth Development partners with Family Life Ministries to help couples strengthen their marriages.  We encourage couples to attend their annual Weekend to Remember retreats.

  1. For more information and to register visit:
  2. Use our group name “1Corinthians13Marriage”.