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Building strong, resilient families with thriving members that positively impact the world is a lofty and noble goal.  It is achieved with intentionality, tenacity and ongoing training.  The Jacaranda Center is not only committed to helping parents, guardians and caring adults to acquire the tools and strategies to effectively build and support families, but The Jacaranda Center also supports and trains youth, and staff of family and youth organizations through professional development workshops and training.

Professional Development
For Family & Youth Workers

The Jacaranda Center offers a wide array of workshops and training that cover a number topics for adults, parents, youth and staff. Below are some of the offerings:

  • Thriving and resiliency theory
  • Positive youth development
  • Parent engagement
  • Mentor training

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This workshop was excellent. I think you should visit every school in Baltimore City. The parents could definitely benefit from the workshop.

Presenter is contagious. Great spirit and filled with knowledge.  Was very thorough in making sure that her information was received and digested by all.

I have been building developmental assets for 15 years. This is the best developmental asset training I have ever participated in.

I loved the training. I learned ways to add what I learned in the classroom with youth and the children. It helped me to see what I need to do for my daughter that I do for my babies in the classroom.

Powerful information that I plan to apply in my daily life as I work with my students.

This workshop was a breath of fresh air. I really could have used this 19 years ago but very happy to have now. This presentation should be an all day one.  There is so much information we probably did not even get the opportunity to get to. Thankful for the frankness, knowledge and overall delivery from the presenter.

Ms. Johnson gave lots of useful information that we can take back to the classroom as well as use at home.