International Missions

Making a Difference at Home and Abroad.

International mission projects focus on the needs of families in Zambia, Southern Africa, where 86% of the population lives below the poverty line and the HIV/AIDS pandemic has left over 1.2 million AIDS orphans.

Working with Zambian partners and international non-governmental organizations, The Jacaranda Center is working to bring sustainable, socio-economic solutions out of poverty.

Youth Huddles

As in USA programs, Huddle leaders meet in small groups of youth in weekly or monthly mentoring groups to build strong lasting friendships, to receive encouragement and support and to learn skills that empower them to impact the world.

Special emphasis is placed on leadership development, mentorship and life skills. Huddles also conduct community service projects and participate in a variety of social and cultural activities. Huddles are a place of refuge where youth can get the guidance, strength and encouragement to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Youth Summit

98 student attended the October 2013 Youth Summit in Lusaka, Zambia. The summit focused on faith, overcoming struggles, HIV/AIDS prevention and resilience.

Leadership Summit

50 pastors and youth leaders gathered in 2014 for a day of leadership training and support. The summit not only focused leadership development and program development, but also on positive youth development and youth empowerment.

Zambia Library Project!

Building libraries one book at a time.

The Jacaranda Center Zambia Literacy Project is a youth-led initiative where students establish libraries in shanty towns and rural areas. Students in the USA collect and ship new and gently used books to Zambia. On an annual mission trip, American youth work with Zambian youth to receive the books and establish libraries in remote areas.