Family Matters

Building strong foundations for legacy and impact.

Families are unique, diverse and come in many forms, sizes and makeups. They include; married nuclear families, blended families by remarriage or adoption, single parent families, foster families, gay families and military families to name just a few.

The passionate work of the Jacaranda Center is to build strong, thriving families that love, support and equip their members to live successful, resilient lives that positively impact the world.

Through family strengthening workshops and events, the Jacaranda Center is committed to helping develop strong, nurturing and resilient families.

Annual Family Matters Conference

Annually, parents and family and youth workers gather with counselors for a day of open honest dialogue about the challenges facing families. Together they explore methods and strategies for strengthening families and preparing for the future.

Family Strengthening Modules

The Jacaranda Center offers family strengthening modules that give participants the skills they need to intentionally build strong thriving families.

Topics in these 15 weeks modules include:

  • Family foundations
  • Healthy relationships
  • Parenting skills
  • Poverty alleviation

Community Service Partnerships

Though a system of referrals, The Jacaranda Center works with a network of strategic partners to ensure that families can access community social services programs and services.