About Us

Our Vision

The vision of The Jacaranda Center for Family and Youth Development is to help families thrive, one household at a time.


The mission is to build strong, nurturing and thriving families that love, support and equip their members to live successful, resilient lives that positively impact the world.


The Goal is to utilize effective programs and strategies to help adults and youth thrive in five areas: Identity, Relationships, Purpose, Wholeness, and Service.

We believe that by focusing on these strategic areas of life, built upon a foundation of strong families, intentional parenting, life-long mentoring and economic stability, all families and youth can THRIVE.

In keeping with these goals, The Jacaranda Center offers a myriad of programs including; consulting services, training events, mentoring and community service opportunities designed to strengthen families and empower youth.


The Jacaranda Center started as summer programs that helped middle school girls to successfully transition to high school. It was established as 501(c)3 non-profit organization in in 2008. Today more than a 1000 youth have participated in their year round huddles, summer programs, and school-based programs. The Jacaranda Center has also conducted year-round parent engagement programs and staff development training in over 60 school, community organizations, and churches in Howard County, Baltimore City and county, and Prince George’s County. Jacaranda Center youth have participated in local community service projects as well as mission trips to Zambia where they initiated literacy projects for underprivileged children.

Clients include: